Monday, September 18, 2017


It’s been another busy week. The weeks are flying buy! It’s pretty crazy. Time just doesn’t even exist out here.  

Last week we went on an alpine slide for p-day, which was super fun. We had a good time and we were able to look around and see some super pretty stuff. 

Then that night we started tracting in a place I never had been and found a sign that said Vintage house. And I was like well we have to go tract that one. So we go knock on this house that is really nice and no one answers. So I look around and on the door there is a paper that says call this number to talk to someone... So what did I do? I called it. This lady answered and I was like well I am a Mormon missionary and me and my friend are going from house to house talking to people about religion and we wanted to know what this house is. So she explained that you can rent the house out and it is like a vacation home... So I then started talking to her about who I was and if she had heard of the Mormons and I ended up asking if I could send her number to the missionaries in her town so that they could call her and talk more and she said yes!! I was like ... uh this isn’t real life. So I passed it on and that was that. Sometimes calling random numbers is a good thing :)

The next day we went on splits in Debrecen and I was able to work with another missionary which is always super fun but weird at the same time because they treat me like I’m some old geezer that is all wise and like I know the answers to everything but I am actually still growing and learning to. So it’s a good time to work with young missionaries. We went to the city center and set up a white board and asked people what makes them happy and had some really great conversations. I was able to help him crack his shell and start talking to people using the couple words he new! He is actually from England so his accent is super thick and it was pretty hard for him but still went well. Later that night we got a ‘let in’ and it was his first one!! It was a really cool couple and hopefully something will come out of it. In the morning he made us a British Breakfast, which was super good. 

Later that week we went to a family night put on by the senior couple here and we translated for them and it was a really cool experience. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how it has blessed us and one of the members shared her story and it was really powerful to hear how much the Gospel had blessed her life. No matter where you are the Gospel can still reach you and that’s the best part about it. It’s true, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from or where you are going. 

We also had some crazy people talk to us this week. One dude made us hold his hand and he said a prayer and did some like weird which craft in front of us and then told me I was faithless... I was like uhhhh what, I am the one talking to you about God. I think he might have drank a little but we gave him a card and went on our way. 

We went on another split this week with some other elders from NYiregyháza where I started my mission and one of them is from Lone peak! We had a good talk and it was fun to catch up on how things are. 

We had a miracle happen this week while we were tracting. We knew we had a lot of people to call to set up with so we sat down and started calling people and Elder Durney called a kid that wanted to meet and he was actually able to set up right then and there and we met with him an hour later. We taught him and his girlfriend and it was really powerful. They are both orphans and have been left by there families and still believe in God. They are really cool and could be some really great investigators. So I will keep you updated on that.

I was standing on the street this week talking to a woman and it hit me. I realized that I am so small and that if I zoom out and look at what I am doing; Gods work is so much bigger than me and how amazing it really is. I was on a street in the middle of Hungary. A totally different land than my own, I was speaking in Hungarian.... uh What??? Who even speaks that language and what even is that? Two years ago I couldn’t even say hello. On top of that I was talking about the most important thing in the world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The one thing that can change people. The one thing that makes families be together forever. The one thing that over comes death. I was teaching someone that. That’s when I realized that this feeling right here is the reason I love being a missionary. It’s hard. It’s been long, but it is all worth it and for the next couple weeks I get to do that everyday. I have to make it count, because this is when it really matters. There is a quote by Muhammad Ali that I really like it. He was once asked how many sit ups he does and he said, "I don’t count my sit ups, I only start counting when it starts to hurt, because that’s when it really counts." When we are in pain, when life has us at the end of our rope and we think we can’t go any further, that is when we grow the most. The only way we can do that is through Jesus Christ. Let Us believe in the One that Conquered all.

Elder Ure

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


This week wasn’t too crazy but we still had a good time and worked hard. We had some cool stuff happen but our investigators are working a lot and some just not progressing so we are finding new people. 

Last P-day we went to a castle, which was super cool. That’s for sure a perk of serving in Hungary because p-days are awesome. We got to look around and they actually had armor that you cool put on so it was a super cool p-day. I sat in the king’s chair.

After that I went on splits with a new missionary. This guy has been reading my blog ever since he got his call and was like wait what... you are the elder that I have been reading about, it was wack haha. I’m famous. It was super crazy because we were talking about when I started my mission and he was like... that was the beginning of my junior year pretty much. I was like wow... I’m super old. We had a great split and it was super fun to see him give it his best with the language and see the gift of tongues in action. He was pumped up and so we got a lot done and had a great split. We actually found a less active member that ended up coming to church... it was a crazy story.

So we knock on her door and she lets us in and we sit down and start talking to her and she starts telling us about why she hasn’t been coming to church and how she has been sick and in the  hospital... then she starts talking about how there are little things or bugs or something in her apartment that at night like torment her and bite her and stuff and how she has had people come and clean her house and sleep in her bed and they can see them or feel them, soooo I was like well she might just be hallucinating so I was like well we can say a pray to bless your house that the sprit will be here. So we knelt down and said the prayer and I like cast out the spirits and stuff. I have never done anything like that and it was a cool feeling of peace that entered the room after. So that was a really interesting experience. Then she came to church and we are going to try to help her to become active again!

This week was my last MLC. The missionary leadership meeting that we have every transfer. It was kinda sad but it was really good. The spirit was strong and it hasn’t even hit me that it was my last one. I love being together with the leaders and talking about how to make the mission better. It was great and the spirit was strong. On the way down there we talked to a girl from Bulgaria and she told us all about her country. It sounded beautiful and she said there is awesome snowboarding there so I am going to have to check that out later. She was really nice but didn’t want to really talk about the church but I learned a couple Bulgarian words.

We also met with another less active and she gave a really cool painting of Jesus that her friend did based off of a Liahona picture. It wasn’t the original but we put it up in our apartment. She didn’t want us to come back, which was sad, but we had to respect that and just said for her to call if we can help in anything.

Another crazy thing that happened this week was I got something called Puszi from a drunken man... This is the Hungarian was of saying the like French kiss on each cheek because that’s a thing here. See... I can reject girls when they come up and want to give me Puszi... but when a guy says he wants to give me puszi, which is totally normal here, it’s like a part of the Hungarian bro hug. So I had to accept it. He was a cool dude and we had a good talk with him but the only reason we stuck around was because his friend wasn’t drunk and was actually interested so we had to take one for the team and talk to the drunk dude while one of us talked to the legit guy. It was funny and I am kinda mad it happened because I almost made it my whole mission without receiving man puszi but its okay it was good experience haha. 

We also got a let in this week and taught this lady that is into healing people with energy... it was pretty interesting and I am sorry I only talk about interesting people here but most Hungarians are interesting haha. It was cool to talk to her but will be kind of hard to teach her but she is willing to read the Book of Mormon so we are going to go back and teach her. It was cool.

I want to finish with quick thought. I love God. This is a simple sentence, but this week I realized what it really meant to me. I Know that God will lead me in my life and that he will lead all of us, and if we put him first and have him be the number 1 person in our life that we love, then all the other people in our life that we love will be blessed. He will pick us up and carry us. We will not need to worry. He will take the trials from our shoulders... so if you really love something it will be first in your life, so let us all put the most powerful and loving being in our life first.

I love you all.

Ure Elder 

Monday, September 4, 2017


This week has for sure been a mix of feelings. I feel like I have said a ton of goodbyes. One, because Elder Robinson left and we said goodbye to all of our investigators and stuff but also going to transfers was weird. I don’t know anyone anymore and there are a lot of new faces. It’s great but kinda weird. I feel like a grandpa... I am now the oldest mission- time wise in my mission… Well me and Elder Veres. Pretty crazy.

This week was really great. We had some amazing stuff happen and I like my new companion. He is from Broomfield Colorado. I’m finishing with a boy from the motherland!!! It’s going to be really good. He goes hard so we are going to do work this transfer. He likes to run so we are going to go running and it’s going to be great.

We met with Norbert this week. He is our investigator that is a tattoo artist and is a total homie. He is really cool and doing really good. He just needs to make some more steps to get closer to baptism. We taught an awesome lesson about how a tattoo artist has to follow rules to give a good tattoo and then applied that to the gospel and the commandments. I think it hit home with him and he really liked it. So that was really cool. The Gospel can apply to anything that’s for sure. 

We also had a cool teaching with Monkia, she as on baptismal date but was still drinking coffee but she hasn't drank coffee in a couple days and is now only drinking the Inka coffee stuff... its super cool and a miracle so we are pumped about it. 

This week we went home teaching and got fed a 5-course meal.... best day ever. ha-ha It was so great and yummy and we got lucky that they invited us to go.  On the way home, we found this like memorial place where they executed people... it was pretty nuts and it was surrounded by crosses and had signs saying it was like life-threatening because it was so old. It was cool, the stuff you find in this country is nuts. 

The main thing that happened this week was we were finally able to meet with Sára. She is the woman I talked to on the bus that came to church. She met with us and it was such a cool experience. She sent me a text during the week but I never got it and so I read it right there and it was talking all about how she is in the hardest time of her life and how she feels like something is missing from her life and that this could be what she is looking for and how grateful she was that I talked to her and how she was looking for her path and stuff like that. So we bore strong testimony of how this really can help her and this is the path that she is looking for and that God loves her and she started crying and it was crazy because I told her that when I saw her on the bus I got prompted to talk to her like three times but I didn’t want to because I was tired and it was super hot but then finally I followed the prompting and talked to her... and I started tearing up and it was just really powerful to see her feeling the truth touch her and she even asked towards the end how becoming a member works, so we are going to have an awesome teaching with her tomorrow. God really does guide us. That’s one thing that I for sure have learned over the last little while. I love being a missionary. Life’s just good when you trust in God. Life is SO good.

Ure Elder

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Well it was a great week and a lot of cool lessons were learned. 

Last week we went to this Palacsinta place. It’s like a crepe just Hungarian. It won my heart and I think it is my new favorite place in Hungarian. It was so good I can’t even tell you. 

This week we had a lot of good laughs. One of them was when we got dogged, which means our investigator wasn’t home... so on the way to the bus to go tracting I started rapping and got going and I was on fire. Like I need to make and album but then Elder Robinson gets going and he was going hard to. So right when the bus gets up he says this one line that makes both of us laugh so hard we were crying... dead serious. Tears were coming out of my eyes! So we had to get on the bus like this and everyone was like who are these kids and we finally got ourselves together and I turned to this old lady sitting next to me and started talking her and she really liked our church because of how happy we were. She didn’t want to meet but we had a great conversation and she told me her favorite Hungarian food and how to cook it. It was great. Missions are awesome just for stuff like this.

This week we moved into our new apartment and it is really nice. I have a nice bed finally so I will be spending my last little bit in comfort for the most part. It will be great. We got lots of help in the move and it went really well and wasn’t hard. I don’t think I will even unpack one of my suitcases because I don’t need anything in it for the next little while. 

After that, we had a really good “Meet the Mormons night” and had some people come from English class and that was successful. 

Another super funny thing that happened this week was when we went to go teach someone and we walked up to the building and starting ringing them for us to get let us in and this guy came down and started yelling at us... so you have to know that as I was walking up to this building I was eating a carrot. I wasn’t done with it and it was really good so I didn’t want to through it away so I just started talking to this guy holding a carrot as he was yelling at us... He was like why are you here, go away, and then our investigator let us in and he was surprised about that but we went up and I still hadn’t finished my carrot so I had to just put it in my backpack. And that’s the end of the story... it was better in person I promise ha-ha. We had a great teaching and they fed us corn and some dessert stuff. It was great...

This week we traded our P-day for Saturday so after I am done emailing we are going to go work because Saturday we went to an all day branch activity, which was a hike and a grill party thing. It was a lot of fun and I loved it. I got to go hiking with Virgina the little girl that I gave the spirit to and she told me I was her hiking partner and so we spent the day together talking and picking up walking sticks. It was a lot of fun. 

This week we had some really cool stuff happen. We made the goal to fill up our whole planner section for potential investigators, which is over 100 people, and we did it this week. It was super cool to see that hard work pays off and because of that we have some awesome investigators. 

We met with one of them and had a powerful meeting. We taught the restoration and at the end we were asked to give a blessing. So we read in the scriptures in alma 15:5-10 about how a blessing works and as we read this, the woman and wife of this couple started crying and after the blessing she told us she just had this warm amazing feeling that just felt like it was strengthening her. It was really cool. The gospel is so true and these people know it and have felt it and we are going to help them realize what those feelings are. Super cool miracle. Their names are Sandor and zsoka. I like them a lot.

I would like to finish with a story from this week. We had a really hard situation with one of our investigators because we found out that they committed a serious sin and we didn’t know what to say about it. But during the teaching I was prompted multiple times to tell them that they need to fix this and that we were there to help them repent. But that isn’t something you just say to someone in a nice way but I was trying to figure how to do that when the spirit just said to me, just do it and I’ll give you what you need. So I opened my mouth and told them that I wanted to talk about something and just told them that it wasn’t right and the words came. I corrected with love and pretty much called them to repentance and it was one of the coolest experiences I have a had. I first got the prompting and followed that, then the holy ghost gave me the words that I need to say, and then I was able to truly comfort and tell them that we are here for them. It was intense and I have never had to be that bold before but it just was a testimony to me that if you follow the promptings that we receive it doesn’t matter what happens because you are doing what’s right. FEAR NO MAN, BECAUSE GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE.

I love you all have a great week. 

Ure Elder

Monday, August 21, 2017


This week was a little slow but still was great. We went on splits, did miracles and luckily didn’t have to go to the hospital; I have some time to explain that today. So pretty much what happened was I got really allergic in the middle of the night one night because I ate a whole bunch of watermelon, I don’t think it was from that because I may or may not have dared our investigator that if I drained a piece of watermelon in the trash he had to eat the peel of the watermelon, but I missed and I had to eat it so it was totally my fault but it was still funny. Anyway, I woke up and my whole body was itchy and red and so I had to go to the hospital and get two shots. One was in my arm and the other in my butt.... the best part was they were from an old woman and to distract me she smacked my butt and then gave me the shot.... I was crying after because it was so funny. Great story.

This week we went on splits to the city of dreams, Eger. It was so pretty and I had a super fun time. We went music finding which is when we go out into the big square of the city and someone plays the Guitar or ukulele and then the others sing and then there are missionaries walking around talking to people. We put up a poster that had the question. What makes you happy on it. And it went really well. We talked to a lot of people and had some good conversations, also some really weird conversations including me getting asked if I would be some girls husband and if Hollywood is really cool... I was like uhhh “no I’m a missionary, and Two; I’ve never been there.”  ha-ha So yes, the stereotypes are real... America is still cool to everyone. It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of success. We also ate at this amazing pizza place that had the best pizza I have ever had and then this like ice cream cone thing that is like a cinnamon role kind of, I can’t explain it but it was amazing. The cool part was that at the end of the split we were walking down the street and this guy calls after us and he turns out to be from Ukraine and spoke English and wanted to learn about us because he studies religion so we got talking to him and go his information and are going to send it to the mission home. Super cool! Everyone is looking for the Gospel.

This week was interviews and it was great to talk to President. We almost missed our bus to interviews because we were planning some stuff and I looked down and realized it left in 4 minutes and we didn’t have socks or shoes on so we ran all over the place and then flew down the street and made it. It was great. I always love being able to talk to my mission president and it’s even cooler that I get to do it in my mission language. For sure one of the coolest parts of serving here! I love him and he is great. We had a good talk and he gave me a hint of my transfer call. I think I will be staying here in Miskolc and training a new Zone leader. So that will be super fun but we will see! Next week we get the call. 

This week we once again had a cool miracle happen. We went to look up Csabi one of our potential investigators and he ended up being home and he let us in and we taught a super awesome lesson and answered all of his questions and the best part was that I was able to relate to him really well about how he felt about God and how he feels like he is looking for something in his life. It was really cool and we hope to be going back this week. 

Our investigators are doing good but not progressing super well. We hope that Monika will be baptized next transfer but she is still drinking coffee and not coming to church on a weekly basis. So we will see what happens but we are still finding lots of people and it is going really well.  

All is well here in Hungary and I am doing good. I am excited to work hard for the last week of the transfer! It’s crazy that this is my last transfer coming up. Time flies! We are moving into our new apartment this week and I am excited for that. I would like to finish with a quick thought.

I have realized recently that faith in Jesus Christ is what leads all to strive to be the best they can be. If we are cutting ourselves short, it might be because our faith has dropped and we don’t have the rock hard faith that we used to have, we aren’t willing to make sacrifices, or don’t want to have to do something because we feel there is no need for it. As I have come closer to Christ it has become much easier to just trust in God and do his will because my faith is in Christ. I once heard this quote... a bird doesn’t land on a branch because it has faith in the strength of the branch, but instead it has faith in its own wings. I may have shared this before but let us all have the faith in Christ to relax and do His will and know all will work out for the better. 

Sok Szeretettel 

Elder Ure  

Monday, August 14, 2017


Well this week has been pretty nuts but I will try to make it spiritual and uplifting in between the crazy stuff.

So this week we had an awesome miracle happen. We met with our investigator, Norbert, and he had a total change of heart and we taught him tithing which he was totally against in the beginning but now wanted to hear about it. So we taught him and that was huge so miracles are real! It was awesome! 

I also went on splits with the assistants this week and I went with Elder Fitzgerald who is going home in two weeks and he is one of my best friends. We have served around each other a lot and he taught me a lot. We had some super cools stuff happen while we were together. We had awesome success in one building and had some really good conversations with some people and then after we walked out of the building we saw the bus go by so we took off running after it and we made it... woohoo still can run. 

I talked to this lady on the bus the other day and asked her how hot it was outside, then taught her about the Book or Mormon and then got her number.... The gospel is pretty easy to share I guess. No, I’m just kidding it was a total miracle! She was super open and has met missionaries before and actually really wanted a book which was really cool. I was pumped about it. 

This week we found a lot of people and got a couple new investigators and some of them are young kids... it was sweet. 

We put one of our investigators on baptism date this week for September 9th. Her name is Monika and she is super great. She is progressing really well and we hope that she can make the steps needed for baptism! 

I don’t have a ton of time to explain this week because we planned an awesome p-day and are going to go on this like ski lift thing in the mountains so I’m stoked but this week I learned a lot. I realized that charity can fix any problem. If we have the pure love of Christ in us then there is no reason for us to do what is wrong. Charity fixes all problems that are created by Satan and we can always over come the wrong with the love of Christ. I love you all I hope you have a great week. 

Love, Elder Ure

Sorry this is a really lame email this week but if you want to hear about me going to a Hungarian hospital and getting a couple shots you can let me know and I will tell you all about it. It was great.... have a great week!

Monday, August 7, 2017


This week has been full of amazing miracles and some really cool learning points for me. 

The weirdest thing that happened this week was the fact that I was able to go back to Nyiregyháza! My birthplace. I was able to sleep on the couch that I started my mission on and I even got to meet with one of the investigators that I taught while I was there. We went to the ice cream place that we would always go to, and I even looked up one family that we used to teach and they still live there and we were able to talk and they remembered me. It was really cool because I was actually able to talk to them and understand everything they said and back in the day I had no idea what was going on most of the time. So that was super cool. The worst part about this week is that it has been so hot... like 100 and above almost all week long and it has been humid and I have been... well sweaty haha. Its the best when you wake up in the middle of the night and you say to yourself... “swimming” in your own sweat doesn’t count as disobedience right?... not kidding though. It’s been hot. 

On the way home from Nyir., we had to rush to a teaching with Norbert and so we got there and watched finding faith in Christ and brought up the plan we wanted to give him for baptism and it went real bad... lets just say he ended up calling us ‘JWs’ because he thought we were being pushy and forceful... which is crazy because we barely have been poking him to start to do stuff towards baptism but I guess he hasn’t been liking it so we are going to go back to the basics and let it happen on his time, but if he doesn’t take steps then we are going to have to see. He is doing great though, he reads from The Book of Mormon everyday and he brought his wife and daughter to church yesterday which was super awesome. 

So I had a really cool experience this week, we got dogged which means someone didn’t show up to a teaching so we went tracting and on the last door before we left I was like this is gunna be a let in… and the guy comes to the door and is like “nope sorry I’m not interested” and out of no where I caught myself talking about family history and how our church helps with it and that’s what we are talking to people about today, which seriously came out of nowhere but it came to my mind and so I just said it, this dude totally stops and starts talking to us about it and we ended up getting his number and he said we could talk anytime... it was crazy I was just like wait… didn’t you just almost reject us? I don’t know but the spirit is cool and my good buddy. Life sucks without him. Missionary work doesn’t work with out him. And we can’t do miracles if we aren’t close to him. 

This week was the baptism and it was seriously the best day ever!! Seeing their beautiful smiling faces was seriously priceless. They are so cute and it was such an amazing experience like it always is. The best part for me was seeing them come up out of the water and just have the biggest smile on their faces. Like little angles. Then of course they chose my favorite hymn, Come Thou Fount for the closing hymn and the spirit was so strong. That song means a lot to me and to be singing it in Hungarian after seeing two little girls choose to follow Christ was so powerful. It was such a great experience and the day only got better.

Later in the day we were so tired and the weather was so hot and we had just finished weekly planning. We both we exhausted but knew that we needed to go out and work, so we put on our shoes and left. I had the feeling to look up a potential investigator that had not shown up to one of our teachings a little bit ago. So we went over there and rang his bell and his father answered and said that he wasn’t home, but that he would be willing to talk to us. That has never happened to me on my mission and I was very surprised. It never happens in general for someone to let you in to the ten story building and for them to actually want you to come to them, they usually just say okay I will let you in but don’t knock on my door, but this guy actually wanted to talk! So we went up and it was this big guy with no shirt on and just real sweaty. It was a site. So he lets us in and was so kind and open to the Gospel. He had just lost his father and a couple hours before we rang his bell he had returned from the funeral. He told us that because of his father’s death he knew God was there and we were just stunned at how amazing his faith was. We taught him about the plan of Salvation and set up for tonight at 7 to come back. I always learn the most when I show my faith to God and do his will no matter how tired I am. It was such a cool miracle and for real just opened my eyes to how much it matters to be worthy and have faith.

This week we had zone conference and we talked about having faith in Christ. We taught out of Matthew 4:18-22 this is when Christ told the disciples to leave their nets and follow him. So we taught the missionaries that we all have nets that we are still holding onto. We still have things that are keeping us from following Christ. These could be good things, but even a good thing can be holding us back from something better. So we talked about how we need to leave our nets and follow Christ. I want to finish by saying that following Christ and becoming like him is a life long process, maybe your net is that one day when you let yourself slip and say ‘this won’t affect me if I watch this’, or listen to that. Maybe your net is an addiction or a life long problem, or maybe something as easy as keeping your covenants to God and being modest. Most of these are not awful things but they hold us back from being like Christ. I personally want to leave my nets. I fasted for it and I decided that I am leaving my nets behind. I want to be more virtuous, I want to be closer to the spirit, I want to be spiritually strong, and anything that is holding me back from being like Christ and following him, I want to leave behind like the prophets of old did. I know we can all do this. We all can become better. So I encourage you to think about your life and say... well this isn’t that bad, but it is holding me back from becoming like Christ, and then leave it behind.

 I love you all. You are all amazing.

Ure elder