Monday, April 24, 2017


Well transfer week is over and we are onto another transfer. I am stoked for this transfer and it is going to be super good. I can already tell that we are going to have a million miracles happen in this mission so I am pumped. 

On Wednesday we woke up and this is the day when we have to take all our stuff to the mission home for transfers. So I look out the window.... Straight up was snowing... harder than it ever did in the winter. I was just stunned... Like are you kidding me. So it was a pretty rough transfer day. We walked in the snow and then it turned to rain all the way to Budapest and then we got new elders into our area and we had to help them get to their new apartment so it was a long wet day but it ended well, because we went tracting and mid tracting I got a call from one of our potential investigators and she told me that she wouldn’t be coming to English class but that she was more interested in our church. She had been learning all about it and felt that it was true and wanted to know how she could become Mormon... I about dropped the phone and died. I was like uhhh well its easy you just meet with us and we teach you. So we are hopefully going to be meeting with her next week and, I guess her baptism in a couple weeks? Haha!!  It was a crazy miracle and we are really excited!!! 

The next day we went out tracting and got yelled at by this old lady and she said she was going to call the cops but we just kept tracting like usual and finished the building and then went onto another building and came to a door where a really nice old lady opened the door and she let us in and we talked to her about the Book of Mormon and she had really amazing questions and so we are going to go back to her in a couple days and hopefully teach her the gospel! Sop that was really amazing and the miracles didn’t stop there.

We had the 30 year anniversary for the Hungary Budapest mission being set apart as a mission and Dora and Attila came and one of the women in our ward that had been a member ever since the beginning got up and bore her testimony and it was just like how we found Attila and Dora and she started to cry and leaned over to me and said maybe some day I will be up there telling everyone about when you found us. I was like, yes, yes you will be. After, one of the members was really great and started to talk to them and fellowship them and it was just a really cool experience. We are meeting with them today and made a big old plan to give them to prepare them for baptism. It should be great!! 

That same day we were tracting and prayed specifically to be guided to where we needed to be and a young kid opened the door so I told him that I was an American because young kids like that, they think its funny how I talk, and we told him why we were there and he let us in, so I walk in the house and take off my shoes right as the mom comes running around the corner screaming WAIT NO DON’T LET THEM IN. I was like uhhh should we not come in? And she grudgingly said no fine we will hear your message. So we sat down and dropped a spiritual Bomb on them and the kid really wanted to meet again after and his mom said we could come back as long as we help him with English, but she opened up too and she is just shy and doesn’t want to say that she felt the spirit. So that was super cool too.

On Sunday I was waiting for church to start and out of nowhere I saw Bence walk in with his whole family and they came from Győr to Pest for some award they were giving and they all came and gave me a huge bear hug and we talked and they sat by me in church. It was the best thing in the world to see them again. I missed them so much. Then after church we went tracting for a super long time because usually Sundays are our finding days where we go out and tract for a couple hours, so that’s what we did. We went out to this random place and the first door we knocked let us in and we had a “textbook let in” if I do say so myself. We taught him, told him we would like to come back and teach more and got his phone number and then left and got right back out to work. Its just that easy... just kidding we are so blessed. Seriously was so cool. Then 20 minutes later we rang a lady’s bell and she came out and started talking to us and said she came to our English class and was like, “you know what just come on in.” so we got let in again and talked to her and she is coming to English class again and it is going to be super cool. So we have a whole ton of new investigators that are really potential and we are hoping we will be able to meet with all of them. 

I would like to finish with a thought on the spirit and what it takes for it to be in our lives and for it to lead and guide us. We had a leadership meeting this week and we talked about how the spirit can only lead us and guide us if we are worthy, praying and seeking  for the spirit and then COURAGEOUSLY following the promptings we receive. I know this is true and missionary work is so much easier when we just ask for the help and guidance. God knows the address of all the golden investigators we just have to humble ourselves and ask for him to take us there. This can be applied into all our lives, not even missionary work. Be worthy, seek the spirit, and then follow it wherever it takes you.

I love you all.

Elder Ure 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Well this week was crazy!!! So much cool stuff happened and so many miracles so I will try to put it all into one email. I am staying in Pest and getting a new companion named Elder Leavitt!

At the beginning of the week I went on splits with an elder and we had a super cool miracle happen. We went tracting and I felt like we should tract a whole street all the way to the end but it was getting pretty late and Hungarians do not like us when it is late. Like 7.30 was past their bedtime and we were tracting at like 8.30. So we kept going and I just knew we needed to keep going. Don’t know why but we did. So we got to the end of the street without getting killed and were waiting for the bus and out of nowhere a man that we talked with turned the corner and had come out of his house and walked down the road looking for us. He came up to us and told us that his daughter was actually interested and asked if we had anything that we could give him for her to be able to learn about us. We asked if we could go back and meet her but he just wanted a card and then left. It was so cool and we were pumped because that never happens. So that was a really cool miracle. 

We also found a new investigator a couple weeks ago but just this week were able to meet with him and he ended up being a really cool young guy. He listened to us and told us that he would like to meet again because the plan of salvation interested him so we set up for this week! We are super excited about it. 

So one of the best things that happened this week was when we taught Attila and Dora the plan of salvation. We taught the whole thing and the spirit was so strong and at the end we asked if they would be baptized and they said yes!!! We didn’t put a date on it because they still have a lot to learn but in the next month or so we think we can have them ready to be baptized so that is seriously the coolest thing ever. I am so happy about it and I was about jumping for joy when Dora said that she totally wants to be baptized. They are seriously so cool and I love teaching them. Most prepared people I have ever met on my mission. 

Later in the week we had a very interesting experience. We went to a gypsy funeral, which is a very interesting experience. They play very loud sad music and pass around vodka and smoke a lot and it was really sad but I learned a lot from it. The reason we went was because the woman from two months ago that I gave a blessing to had passed away from her cancer and it was really sad but at the same time amazing to know that she accepted Christ in her life and that there is life after death. So we were able to go to that and we even were able to bless the gravesite with one of the members, which was also a very cool experience, defiantly something I will never forget.

We also took suit coats off this week so we are free!!! Its super nice to just walk around in short sleeves. I also made cookies for Attila and Dora because I had all the American ingredients and they loved them. So I can give myself a pat on the back for that haha. 

We had a really cool thing happen one night when we went out streeting and couldn’t find anyone on the street and just didn’t have any success but Elder Veres has a motto that you can’t leave the court until you make a 3... so before we went in for language study we said a prayer that we would find one person that would be ready for our message and we only took one card with us because we prayed about the card we needed to take and we hit the streets. We walked around for a little getting rejected and keeping the one card until we felt it was the right person. So we couldn’t find anyone but we talked to everyone that came in our path and it was getting pretty late so we decided to head home and had faith that the person would be put in our path. And that’s what happened. We turned the corner and saw a young boy and his mom pretty much playing tag down the street so we waited for them and stopped them and we had a really great talk. We bore testimony and she took our card. No she didn’t say she wanted to meet but that’s not the point because when we gave the card to the little boy it had a picture on it of Jesus and when he looked at it he turned to him mom and said, “who is this?” and she said that’s Jesus and he said oh with a big smile on his face and then they walked away. We left and felt like God had answered our prayers. It was pretty amazing even if all we needed to do was show a little boy who Jesus is. I know that will stick in his head. 

This week I was able to bless the sacrament in Hungarian for the first time on my mission and it was really cool. I love blessing the sacrament and it was even better in Hungarian. 

We also got two new investigators this week that are pure gold. They were a referral from church head quarters and we went and looked them up and gave them a Book Of Mormon, which is what they ordered. They have learned about all types of churches and haven’t felt like they have found the truth because they want to feel it not just know it. So we taught and amazing restoration and the spirit was strong and I know they felt it and we set up to go back this Friday so that was really cool and we are just having miracles out the wazoo up in here. It’s awesome. 

To finish one last story of this week. We watched the life of Joseph Smith movie with Attila and Dora and it was so powerful. The spirit was there and we could tell they learned a lot from it and at the end I asked them if they would pray about the movie and ask if it was true and if Joseph is a true prophet and Dora without hesitation answered and said I already know it’s true. I was stunned and just so happy she could feel its truth and the spirit touched her heart. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that he restored the Gospel to the earth in these days. I know its true, I would die for it and that’s what pushes me to serve everyday. I love you all so much have an amazing week.

Look for the miracles that God gives to all of us, they are all around.

Ure Elder

Thursday, April 13, 2017


This is going to be a short but sweet email. 

This week was awesome and we saw so many miracles. I am so grateful for the hand of God. 

So Attila and Dora are doing so well. They are seriously the coolest people I have ever met and they are progressing super well. This week Dora asked how people are baptized in our church and if she really likes the Mormon Church what does she need to do to be baptized.... I was juts like uhhh well… and explained it to her that she needs to live according to the church standards and she agreed and so this week we are going to give them a baptismal date!! We are super excited and had some really great meetings with them. They love us and made us this unreal Hungarian dish that I am serious.... I DIED. It was so good. It was like hay stacks with a Hungarian twist and I was in heaven. So don’t worry mom Dora is watching out for us and she is my “Pest” mom. I love them!! 

Also this week was interviews because next week is transfers so I won’t be emailing next week on Monday but I met with President Szabadkai and we had a really good talk about my mission and how I am hitting the down hill slope and how it’s time to go!! I am pumped to work hard and to finish strong. 

We also had one of our investigators pray for the first time about the Book Of Mormon and we are hoping he will be praying every time he reads because if he does that we know he will get and answer and that’s a huge step because he doesn’t believe in God and it was a huge step for him!! 

Our apartment won’t stop beeping... The people above us are a really old couple and they have something beeping in their apartment and they can’t hear it because of the frequency of the beep but we can loud and clear and we are trying to think of a way to nicely ask if we can search their apartment without them thinking we are crazy... we are two Americans that speak weird Hungarian and they can’t even hear what we are talking about so it might be a little awkward but we are going insane. 

Other than that this week was seriously pretty normal we had some great teachings and all of our investigators are doing great so thank you or the prayers!!

I love you all have a great week!! 

Ure Elder

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


This week was pretty normal other than Conference!! There were a ton of really amazing talks and I always love to hear the prophets’ words. 

Last P-day we went to the parliament and went on a tour around the whole building. We were the last 4 people to buy tickets so we got pretty lucky and it was so beautiful. I loved it!! 

This week we did a lot of finding and hit the streets pretty hard. We worked hard and I always love the weeks were I can say we went hard and did work. So it was a good week, I just don’t have a ton to write because... we do the same thing every single day... I guess I can be a little creative and share what a normal approach is like when we talk to someone on the street and what the usual answer is...

So we walk up and say with smiles on our face "of course because we are children of God and look great" so that stuns the people and then we start talking to them in a weird accent...

We usually say. Hello excuse us. We represent our church, we are Mormon missionaries and today we are talking to people on the street and asking a question.

If we make it this far without people saying they are in hurry or just not listening at all, we continue with our question. We usually ask questions like, what is the most important thing to you in your life, or what makes you happy, or if we are talking about Easter like we did this week we ask if Jesus Christ plays an important role in there life... at this point people are really freaking out because they can tell we are not Hungarian and usually disregarded the question we asked and then they ask where we are from or why we talk weird... so we tell them...

Then mid conversation people realize that we asked them a question and answer it with an answer of... my family, money, girls, God, Food, all sorts of fun stuff. 

So the next step is for us to use our missionary skills, More like let God talk through us because we are awful without him and we apply a gospel principle to whatever they said... yes I have taken an answer from a kid that said girls are the most important thing in his life and applied it to the gospel. 

We usually explain our message of the restoration and how our families and religion are the most important thing to us and that’s why we came here is to help other so they can live with their families forever or so that they can be happy or something like that. 

We then ask for their number, they give it to us, we call, we teach them the Gospel and then they get baptized. The everyday life of Elder Ure.

I am just kidding but that is actually how it usually goes. We have really good talks with people on the street and some just walk away or say they are a different religion or they think we are other missionaries (I won’t name names....) anyways I love it. Always makes for a surprise. 

We had a great week this week but not much to share. Our investigators are moving along but we need to meet with them more and that’s the hard part. 

This week we found a women on the street right as she was going into the building and I stopped her and we got into a really good conversation and had a great talk and I was able to have an amazing experience of talking and bearing testimony to her in a profound way. The words just came and I loved it because I could see it affect her. She had lost her dad and that’s why she did not believe in God and I told her with the most straight up words I could say... that she will see her father again. I saw it hit to her soul and from then on out she said she would call us. She was not willing to give us her number but I know she knew what I was saying was true. The spirit is so strong and it can truly change lives. 

I love you all so much I hope you have an amazing week and can apply the things we learned from conference. 

Don’t look around, Look up. 

Ure Elder

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