Friday, July 29, 2016


July 25 
This week has been really good! We have had a hard time meeting with our investigators but we have still been able to find some people to meet with and get a lot of work done! 

I have talked to a ton of Americans this week. There is a air force base in a city close to mine so there a ton of air force guys walking around the city and they are all from Colorado. I keep seeing Broncos shirts all over the place so I just go up and talk to them and it is so nice to talk to some Americans once and a while. 

This week we met with a lady that wants to learn German but is also interested in the gospel so I was able to sit and listen to a half hour of German while my comp taught her and I day dreamed. Just kidding I made some calls and some other things but we were able to then teach her about the Book of Mormon at the end and she said she would like to meet again so that was really cool. I am going to come home knowing German too after this transfer! haha

This week was zone training in Budapest and it was so awesome. We had a training from the sister training leaders that was about how we can think about why we are here. They asked us questions about our goals as missionaries and why we are here and it made me think a lot and I am going to do missionary work totally differently from now on! It was really good to be up in Budapest and be able to talk to other missionaries and learn from each other. 

This week we have done a lot of Bookwork and a miracle came out of it. It was really amazing. We had called this lady that was on one of the papers three times and we were about to give up and put her paper in the back of the book but we decided to go look her up where she lived... which was really far away and we walked the whole way, but we got there and we didn’t know what door hers was so we just started at the top of the building and started knocking on doors to find her. We came to one and she opened the door and said hello elders! And we were like... this must be her but we asked how she knew us and she ended up letting us in and we got talking. She had met with the missionaries a year ago and they taught her kids and her. She just stopped meeting with them because the elders left and she fell between the cracks and was lost. So we shared a scripture and she said we could come back another time. She kept saying she didn’t want her boys to be Mormon because it would be to hard on her if they went on missions. hahah. 

A really funny thing that happened this week was when we had district meeting. We had it in the room we call the icebox in the church because it has the air conditioner and it is always super cold. The thing we didn’t know is that the door was broken and if it shuts, you can’t get out. So yes we shut the door and when we went to get out the door wouldn’t open and we couldn’t get out. So we had to call a ton of people to see if someone could come to the church and open the door from the outside for us. It was super funny and we finally got someone to come.

This week we found a girl that was really interested in the Book of Mormon and is trying to quit smoking. We rang her bell and she looked out her window and just stared at us and we tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t say anything so we moved on but then she yelled after and said she was coming out. So we waited and she came out and we ended up teaching her all about the Book of Mormon and we are going to go back next week and hopefully teach her and husband! It was such a miracle and was really cool. 

This week in church we had two Swiss people come so of course my companion went and talked to them and sat by them. They wanted him to translate for them but he is still pretty young in the mission so sacrament was pretty hard for him. So the second hour comes and we find a Hungarian that also speaks German and he translated for both of them, but the problem was that it was a male so when the third hour came along we needed someone to go into relief society for the women... so yes elder Romer and I went. It ended up working out that I would translate it into English and then he would say it to her in German. It was super funny and kind of fun. It was also really hard haha. Translating a relief society president that talks so fast and uses big fancy words is a task but it was super fun and I loved it.

We finished off the week with tracting and people were super mean and a guy showed me a specific figure within the first 2 seconds of seeing me... no it was not a thumbs up. The cool part is how it ended. We were walking and I had to report numbers of the week so elder Romer went and talked to people on the street. He stopped a girl and they got talking. When I came over they had already talked about the Book or Mormon and I was able to speak probably the best Hungarian I ever have. I bore a really strong testimony of it because the words just came and it felt so natural. It was so cool. We ended up giving her the book but she didn’t want it. We told her she should read Alma 32 and if she didn’t like it she could bring it back to us tomorrow morning. Well this morning she did not come back and give it back to us. It was really cool to see how much the Book of Mormon can do. 

I want to finish with saying that happiness is a decision. Some days are awful and are going to be rough but when we decided to be happy and no matter what happens to find the good in things, you will be happy. Of course there are exceptions but I believe everyone can find happiness in all situations with the Help of our heavenly father.

I love you all! 

Don’t worry, be happy.

Ure Elder

July 18
Well this week was really fast and not a lot has been going on. We had some pretty amazing experiences this week but other than that I feel like last Monday was yesterday. 

I will start this week’s email with a really funny thing that happened tracting. Elder Romer asked me what are the odds that I start my tracting approach using a magazine that was on the ground. It had some crazy looking girl with weird eye make up so it was interesting. So I said one out of ten and he counted sown and we both said 4.... so yes I had to knock on the door and start talking to this lady about eye make up. So what I did was I started telling her we are talking about this magazine and she just started laughing so I said just kidding we are talking about the Book of Mormon and she started laughing even more. The funny part is she ended up talking to us so maybe the way the get Hungarians to talk to us is joke with them about really bad make up jobs ha-ha.

This week we also got randomly invited to lunch by one of the super cool members. He walked past us on the street and he talked to us for a little and then kept walking. Two minutes later we get a call from him and he asks us if we have ate lunch yet and we say no so he says great I will be there in 2 minutes we are going out. So he took us to eat and get ice cream. It was super nice and we were able to become better friends and make a better relationship with him. 

This week we also had a very sketchy experience with a néni. We were tracting and she opened the door and just told us to come in. this never happens and she seems kinda off but us being happy missionaries of course went in. So we walk in and she closes the door behind us and locks it... So that was super weird and we start trying to talk to her and she wont talk to us. Not even one word... so that makes it even more scary. and then the phone rings. She starts talking to someone and tells them to come up so we start to freak out and tell her to unlock the door and that we need to leave, so she does and we leave but we didnt need to freak out because it was just the mail man but it was still super weird and kinda freaky.

Also this week we met with a new investigator and he was crazy but really wants the gospel. It was probably the craziest teachign ever but he wants to be baptized and have us teach his girlfriend too. He talked a lot about Satan and how he thinks Satan has control of him and that when ever he tries to find Jesus people start to be super mean to him and they fight with him and stuff like that. So of course we talked about Joseph Smith with him and he loved that. He wants to learn more and is reading the Book of Mormon but wow was he open about his life and things he has done that he wants to forget about. There are some crazy people out her but he is super cool and a really solid person. The Coolest part was when we were talking about the first vision. He stopped me after and said... now I know these things are true. I can see that you have God in you and you are honest men. I know that this is true and what you are telling me is right. It was super cool!!! He then stopped me again a little bit later and said the same thing! So maybe soon we will be having another baptism!! 

Then this week we messed with a Néni and I kinda feel bad about it but not really because she was really mean and it didn’t hurt her or anyone else. We were tracting and she yelled at us from her window for us to go away and that no one wants to hear what we have to say. So I yell back that okay but we are still going to try. She yells something back that I didn’t hear but we ended up getting let into the building and as we are walking up the stairs we hear the old lady talking to her friend saying that we are in the building and that she told us to leave and that she was going to come and find us and kick us out. So as we hear her coming this young kid walks by and goes up the stairs and she asks him if two men are down on the next floor and the kid says yes, so we creep down the stairs to the next floor and she gets to the floor that we were on and is so confused and starts coming down to the next one and so we go down one more. We go all the way to the bottom and then we just decided to leave because we didn’t want to make trouble but we took a old lady on a walk today. It was pretty funny to be honest. haha 

This week I have gained more love for the Book of Mormon. I love the Book Of Mormon with my whole heart and I am so thankful for it. It gives me strength and I am so happy I can share it with others. 

Love you all!
Elder Ure

Monday, July 11, 2016


This week has been all over the place and I almost don’t have words to describe how it was. The 4th sadly was pretty lame and all we did was play soccer and I don’t even like soccer. So I am sorry to inform you all that yes the 4th in Hungary is lame. 

This week I will give you a random update on the people that come to English class. We had a guy come this week that is a pilot of a glider and he ended up inviting us to go. So we could have gone flying.... which would have been super coo, but hey maybe he will take me when I come back.

So the first three days of this week were awful. Probably three of the hardest days yet just because people would not talk to us and were so mean. We couldn’t even get out three words before they slammed to door; so Elder Romer and I started playing a game. If you could get five words in before they shut the door you get a point. It made it not so bad ha-ha. 

So lets just leave it at that and say that it was a rough start to the week but then the week turned real fast. We had a program with a very old lady and brought a really cool member that helped a lot because I did not understand what this lady was saying. She had no teeth and didn’t really pronounce things. So it was a big help but I understood enough that they were talking about blessings at one point during dinner. So when it comes time for us to start teaching it was pretty late so we said we will just leave a spiritual message and out of no where the member says and a blessing. I guess I must have missed it but they talked about us giving her a blessing because she was really sick and she said she wanted one. So out of nowhere here I am about to give my first Hungarian blessing... So we get ready and do the oil and my companion does a great job and then I come and put my hands on her head and start to talk. I was so nervous and had no idea what I was going to say and it was in Hungarian so it was even scarier but right when I started to talk the spirit came over me and it almost felt like lighting coming out of my fingers it was so strong. I became calm and just spoke. I have no idea what I said but it just came and after I couldn’t remember almost anything about what I said. It was such an amazing experience and a really cool first blessing experience in Hungarian!

This week we talked to a lot of people on the street and we saw a massive success from it. We met this guy and set up with him to meet one day later and he came! During the program he listened and liked everything we had to say, so we felt the spirit and asked him if he got and answer that the book of Mormon was true, would he be baptized and he said yes!! We didn’t give him an actual date and we don’t know how real he is about it but it was so cool to just ask him in the first lesson and for him to say yes!! So pray for him to be real and want the gospel in his life! His name is Attila. 

So this week we had a date with Elder Romers street find. He got talking to a mom and she wanted to talk about the Gospel but for us to also meet her daughter so it was really funny but ended up being the coolest thing ever. We talked to them forever and they had so many amazing questions about our religion and I was able to talk to them about fasting and the miracles that come from it and that it is a true power. I was able to talk a little about my uncle and that through prayers and fasting he was healed and how much of a miracle that was. They loved it and were so interested so it is amazing what God’s plan is, we just need to be following his path. 

In church this week I was sitting next to the lady that gave a talk. so when she went up there I was sitting by her bag and right during her talk her phone starts to ring and she stops talking and everyone turns and looks at me and so I start looking through her bag to turn her phone off and finally get it to turn of... so that was funny. 

After church was when the real miracle happened. We were able to give three baptismal dates to the three boys that we are teaching. They are studs and they will be baptized on August 6th. I am so excited for them and it was such a blessing for all of them to accept that date. 

Then after church I had one of the coolest experiences ever. We got invited to give service at a disabled home for older people and I usually would have been a little hesitant because it has always been hard for me to go to things like this but when I went yesterday I was truly changed. Right when I got off the bus one of the ladies. (The one in the green that is hugging me in the picture) came up and attached to my arm and didn’t let go almost the whole time I was there. I was able to gain a true love and just happiness to be around these people and I couldn’t have loved it more. I was able to lose myself and be able to see them as God’s children and learn from them. To see how close they are to our Savior and to see how much I really can learn from them. I was able to play soccer with them and just be able to have so much fun. I am so thankful for the experience because I learned so much. I can’t tell you what I learned, I am just changed from the experience and those people softened my heart. It was amazing. 

I am so thankful for this week and couldn’t be happier. It is hard but I love it. I love you all. Try to look for Christ in all those around you!!

Elder Ure 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sorry, no crazy stuff

So this week we didn’t really have any crazy stories or a lot to write about so I will try to fill this email as much as I can with what happened this week.

At the beginning of the week we opened the windows to get some fresh air to come into our apartment because it was so hot, and the wind started to blow and one of our widows slammed shut and shattered the whole window and all the glass wet out onto the street and blew up everywhere. So we had to run out there and sweep it up and call the land lord... that was a fun call in Hungarian. I don’t know the word for blew up in Hungarian. Ha-ha I was able to explain it though and we got it all figured out so that is good.

This week we went on splits to Szombathely and it was really good. Nothing crazy happened but I was able to learn some stuff from the zone leaders and it was great. When we came back we went to this German club thing because my comp speaks German and he was able to help some people out and help them learn German better. It was good for me too because I spoke Hungarian and the German students had to translate the Hungarian into German so I got to practice also. It was super fun. At the end we were able to talk all about the book or Mormon and tell the people why we were here and why we talk weird and came from such far places. We ended up giving out 2 Books and had a really cool conversation with one of the guys about it.

This week we have been tabling a lot. This is when we take a table set it up in the middle of the city put books of Mormons on it and then just talk to everyone that walks by. It was super successful and we had some really great talks. I had two conversations that were probably 45 minutes long about the city and then the Book of Mormon and then back to the city. It was really cool. One of them was an old lady sitting on a bench and she let me sit by her and we just talked and I gave her a book of Mormon. She was super cute. The other was a super long conversation with a guy that respected me so much and everything I do. He just kept telling me that I was such an example to the world and that he thinks what I do is so respectable and asked why I decided to stop and talk to him, so I told him that I want to give the information and happiness that I have to everyone because it really can help everyone and he was just the nicest Hungarian I have ever talked to in my life. It was a really cool and gratifying talk. 

This Friday we had a compliment Friday which is where we walk around and everyone we talk to we have to give them a compliment, so elder Romer complimented an old lady on her dress and it was so funny how she reacted. She just laughed and didn’t even thing it was real so he said it again and then she realized he was actually being nice and seriously giving her a compliment and she completely changed and was super nice. Hungarians are very hard on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside.

We also got kicked out of a building this week.  It was really frustrating and the lady was really mean so I learned to be nice and to hold my tongue once again this week. All we wanted to do was talk to people and she made us leave. ha-ha. I just wanted to be her friend. 

I would like to finish with a quick spiritual thought. This week we talked about how the gospel can fix anything in our lives. We can find out what we need to do in our lives and can receive guidance in any part of our life. 

2 Nephi 31.20
2 Nephi 32.3

These scriptures talk about feasting upon the word and they will tell us all that we need to do. All we have to do is trust that, and that God can really show us the path that we need to be on. I know that this is true and I know that God wants to help us. I love you all so much. I will try to make some more crazy stuff happen this week.

Ure Elder