Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TRANSFER WEEK (announcement)

Well sadly... I am getting transferred and leaving Pest... but I knew it was going to happen I am just sad to leave. I will be serving in Miskolc!! Its kind of near my first city and is pretty much the ghetto of Hungary. So that will be exciting. My companion is named Elder Robinson. He seems like a cool dude; I meet him tomorrow. I am super pumped and I will be staying zone leader. Which means that for more than half my mission I will have been a zone leader and that this will be my last city! 

This week has been nuts.... (Mom don’t read this email it will be better for your heart haha.)

Na I’m just kidding I am fine we just had some pretty crazy experiences. So this week I went on splits with an elder and we were tracting and this dude opens up the door wearing only a Speedo and just starts yelling at us for us to leave. It was great. I love stuff like this because it gives me a little excitement, I said, we aren’t doing anything wrong but we will leave, so we go to the next door and a couple seconds later we hear this guy open the door again and this time he is holding pepper spray and starts yelling at us and saying he is going to use it if we don’t leave... haha So I was like whoa, chill out dude and so we left and I kinda regret it because It would have made the story way better if he actually used it but it was pretty crazy...

The only reason I shared that with you is not to give my mother a heart attack but to tell you what happened after…because we got kicked, (more like threatened) out of that building we went to the next and started tracting again. We found this really cool old couple that let us in and we were able to teach them a really powerful Restoration and they both became new investigators. They had really great questions and I realized that whenever something really rough happens or when someone rejects us super hard, that is always followed up with a miracle if we stay strong and work hard. So that was really cool, even if it meant that we almost got attacked. 

The next day while I was with this elder we went to an old woman’s home with members to teach her the first lesson. She is a referral because is the mother of the church member. So he brought his wife and it was us and the mother. We taught an awesome restoration and it was a really cool experience... I was talking about Joseph Smith and what he saw and I told her in his own words the first vision and the spirit filled the room like I have never had it happen before. It was like you could feel it in the air. So I kept talking and once I finished I bore really strong testimony that these things are true and that I know Joseph Smith saw God the Father. It was really cool and the spirit was there and I know everyone felt it. The wife of the member even was crying by the end, so that was one of the coolest Restoration teachings I have ever had. 

I am really sad to leave behind all of the amazing investigators that we have found. I said goodbye to them yesterday and had a really cool teaching with M├írti about how her life has changed in the last month while she has met with us and these are some of the things that she has said. She has more joy in her life, Miracles happen with her and her children everyday. And that she is not alone. I want to finish with this and say that these are the blessings of the gospel! We all can have these things; we all can feel joy and happiness because of the gospel. I am so grateful for the time I have had to serve here in Pest but I am about to do it again in Miskolc. T-minus 4 months to go hard!!! I love you all have a great week!!! 

Elder Ure 

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