Monday, June 12, 2017


I will start my email of this week with a quote from Dora,


We were meeting with them and she blurted that out mid teaching. I loved it! haha. She is a member of Jesus Christ’s’ church and loves it. She even got a calling this week to be a ward missionary so she is super happy and will be coming with us teaching from now on. She is super happy about it.

While I am talking about Attila and Dora I might as well add that this Sunday I was talking to one of our sisters and I wasn’t there when Dora said this but she said that when she got the Spirit it was like she was full of energy like plugging your phone in to charge. I think that is very interesting because I have seen that when I don’t have the Spirit with me I am much more sad and not in a good mood and the Spirit really does just charge us up and makes us happy. So we can all follow Dora and strive to have the Spirit with us, because it’s just better that way. 

So going back a little bit into my week, I went on splits to a city called Érd. It has a lot of dirt roads and not a ton of people but it’s a great place so we walked... and walked... and walked. For days… haha. We were looking for a lady that they tracted into and couldn’t find her, so I ended that day with blisters on my feet but it was worth it because in the end we found her and told her we would be coming back that weekend. It was a super cool split and we saw lots of miracles.

When I got back we went straight to the baptism of the sister’s investigator and it went super well. It was such an honor to be able to baptize him and help him make the steps to God. I was so happy for him and the feelings of baptizing someone are really unwritable. It was really cool and the meeting was really great. Everything went well and I was so happy I could be there. 

The next day we had one of the craziest experiences of my mission… I was flipping out! haha. We went to meet with this member that is Mongolian and only speaks Hungarian and no English but her Hungarian is not super good and it’s really hard to understand her. So we go over there and walk in and for the next 45 minutes we said nothing because she just went off talking. It was unreal. She just told us her life story which was really cool, it’s just we couldn’t really understand a lot of it but she lives with her husband and he is a real Hungarian. He was able to talk to us and he is actually learning about the church right now! He was saying that he needs to learn more and wants to go to church and other stuff and then he will be baptized. We didn’t even bring up baptism, so we were freaking out and we were so confused and then it got even more crazy because we said we had to leave and she said, “okay come with me you give blessing”. That’s pretty much how she said it in Hungarian. So we said, “wait, what? to whom?” And so we get in the elevator and I am trying to ask her what is going on but she is talking a million miles an hour and I am not understanding anything and so we get to this door and she knocks on it and this really old woman comes out, that was visibly sick, and so she starts going off saying,  “they will bless you, you believe in God right?” “They will heal you, get blessing”. And I said, “whoa, whoa, whoa, wait” because this lady was like I don’t understand what she is saying so I explained who we are and what we do and how we can give blessings and how it works and stuff and said, “ it’s according to faith” and she said she would like one so we went in and I said, “Elder Leavitt, have you done this before?” and he was like yeah. And I said, okay you’re doing it.  so he starts giving the blessing and mid-blessing the member starts talking and saying be healed and all this stuff and Elder Leavitt just paused, let her do her thing and then kept going and I was like super confused and when we finished she stood up and she was like crying and stuff and it was really cool. Like it was crazy but now we are going to go back out there and try to meet with her so it worked out but the whole experience was crazy!! Missionary work is nuts!!

After that we had a couple cool little miracles.

One of them was when we were meeting with Bogi. She is going to be baptized this Saturday and the weather was looking really bad and we couldn’t find a member to come teach with us so we couldn’t meet inside so we all said a prayer together... 10 minutes later blue skies. It was pretty crazy and like before that it looked like thunder storms and stuff, so God really does answer our prayers. 

The other one was this guy that we were talking to and he said he didn’t believe in God but we just bore testimony to him super hard and after a little conversation, he said that we could visit him in his house... So don’t give up when you are sharing the gospel and someone says no at first. Bear a good testimony from the heart and that’s all that matters. If they accept it or not that’s their choice!

I want to finish by talking about Attila. This Sunday I was able to give him the Priesthood. He got the Aaronic Priesthood and it was really cool. I don’t really know what I want to write because this was such an amazing and special experience but the thought that I did want to leave was that it is an amazing feeling knowing that a couple months ago a man didn’t even know God’s power was on the earth and now, he, that same man can use God’s power to bless others. It is amazing and I can’t even wrap my head around that. God’s work is moving forward. The Lord is watching over us all and has a plan for all of us. 

I love the gospel. Have a great week! 

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