Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Well this week has been amazing but I don't have time to write a ton so I am going to hit on the important things that happened this week.

Elder Leavitt and I celebrated on our roof with some orange juice on the 15th for more than one reason. It was his year mark! It was a great day. 

The baptism was amazing. The feelings and the spirit that was there were truly beautiful. I was able to give my talk about baptism and then Baptize Bogi. It was a feeling of true happiness, one that is really indescribable. I just got out of the water and had a smile on my face that just stayed there for the rest of the day. I think there are few times in life when someone can feel pure happiness and this was one of them. It was really cool and was such a great day. We had a lot of people come out and support the baptism and it actually ended up being a really great service and we had little sweets after. So it was great. 

This week we met with Attila and Dora and Attila told me something that was really amazing and touching. He went to a teaching with the sisters to an investigator that is having a hard time believing in God and Attila told him his story. He said that for a year and a half he was working on a project that just wasn't working out. He told me that it was huge and really important, he went on to tell this man that yes it is hard to believe in God when you can't see him but after my baptism. This project worked out and everything slid into place just like that... He told the man that this was fact. That God loves us and watches out for us. It was amazing to hear someone that you taught the gospel teach it to someone else through his own experience. Such an amazing experience. 

Sorry this email is so short but I love you all so much. The gospel changes lives and I know prayers are answered. I have seen it in my own life and I know its true. I Love the gospel. I know its true. 

Ure Elder

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