Friday, August 4, 2017

Give Heart, Might, Mind, & Strength

Well this week has been great. We had a good week of working hard and doing a lot of random stuff like... going to Budapest for missionary leadership meeting, and my companion’s doctors appointment. He is fine. His knee was just being weird. We played basketball with some Hungarians and were able to get their numbers. 

It was a good week. I went on splits with Elder Gentry and we were reunited. He gets to drive a car because he is young enough in the mission and is the AP so that was cool. We got to zoom around like I was back at home in a normal car driving with my friends listening to music, it was just church music. During the split we were walking down the street and Elder Gentry saw this super old lady bending over and she just had to have been picking up her dogs poop... which did not come from a small dog. So Elder Gentry (bless his soul) asked if we could help this women... the thing is we just kept walking and the women was already in the act of picking it up and I was just like what are you doing?!?!  ha-ha like you can for sure but I will sit and watch haha. she didn’t even realize but I just thought it was funny. 

We also met with the girls that will be baptized this week and they tried on their clothes and are just the cutest. I love them. It is going to be really cool and they both want me to be the one to give them the spirit so that will be really cool. I am super excited. While we were filling out the baptismal record, Elder Robinson was helping the parents, and so I took the girls and said lets play something so they brought out there princess card game and we played some cards and it was all princesssy and great. They are ready to be baptized!!! 

Also, one of our investigators is a 26 year old that is always outside with her family and friends at night and we always walk by and they joke with us about marrying us. They ask us if we like blonde or brown hair girls better? We were telling them about how we don’t date or anything while we are here.  We tell them stuff like that and why we are here and how it’s from our own money and stuff like that and they were all just like... ahhh “why didn’t I marry me one of these” ha-ha. It was super funny. Missions make men that’s for sure.

I want to finish with something that I decided to do this week. For the last part on my mission I want to refocus. I want to be able to give everything to the work and really take on the promise that is in the scriptures about giving our heart, mind, might, and strength to the work. I have decided that I am going to work on these for the next part of my mission and to make some goals. I think we all can do this in our lives; we all can follow God with these attributes, not just as a missionary. I have decided to love my investigators more, love those I talk to; on the streets, bus and trains. I want to love more. I want to care for their salvation. I want to focus my mind on the work. I want to think all about the work and be able to give it everything and not let anything distract me about my future or how badly I want to be wakeboarding or something like that. I want to focus and go hard until the end. I want to give all my time to serving and use all my might to serve. Not wasting a minute. The last being strength; and I took that one as working out hard so I am healthy. I think we can all refocus on the Lord’s work and his will and give more to what he has given us. We can use our lives to the fullest and trust in the Lord so that if we follow him and give him everything He will bless us and guide us. Sometimes that’s all we can do when we don’t know what to do. I love you all have a great week. 

Ure boy 

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