Monday, July 10, 2017


Well now that I have been here for a little I am able to now tell you more about the city of Miskolc and about our work! 

So first of all here in Miskolc we have a senior couple and it’s the best thing in the world. They help us out a ton and make us fat because they give us homemade zucchini bread and it’s amazing. They also had us over for a 4th of July party, which was really fun; we played games and had hotdogs and potato salad. It was so good. They are humanitarian missionaries and they help little towns have food and stuff like that. I want to be a senior couple like them later in life because what they do is super cool. 

Anyways, Miskolc is pretty much made up of a whole bunch of ten stories and it’s just a whole ton of concrete. Which is not a bad thing, the best part is right next to it there is like almost mountains and it’s really pretty so we are going to be going on hikes for P-day and stuff like that. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun. 

Our investigators are super awesome. The most important ones to know about are Liza and Virgina; they are two little girls that are a part of a recent convert family. One is 8 and the other is 9 and they are both on bap date for August 5th. It was so cute; we were walking down the road and saw them and they ran up to us and turned to their mom and was like what is the one with yellow hairs name? They always call us Mormons, not even elders or anything just Mormons, so she tells her that his name was Elder Robinson and she’s like... “hey so maybe could you be the one to baptize us???” And he was yes of course and it was just the cutest thing I have ever seen. I loved it! They are great, what makes it even better is they have this tiny little white dog that’s kind of like a husky. Its so cute and I sometimes get distracted while teaching because it comes up and starts eating my shoes and then I cuddle with it... gotta get some thing! Am I right? Might as well be a cute little dog and not my comp, but he would probably be cool with that too. Haha I love elder Robinson. We get along super well and are working really hard, we are also getting jacked. We workout super hard in the morning and are only eating carrots and chicken hahah. It’s awesome. 

Our other investigators names are Norbert, Janos and Monika, and some other people but the main ones are these. 

Norbert is a tattoo artist and is a super cool guy, he taught me the word for booger the other day if anyone would like to know the Hungarian word for booger it is: or at least what they use as slang, it’s cicakaka. haha It means ‘cat poop’ haha. 

Okay now that I got the 4 year old out of me and hopefully made someone’s day by teaching them how to say booger, this week has been crazy. Miskolc is the bomb because it just rains for days here and its not super hot so it’s super nice. I am loving life. This week we were looking up an old potential investigator and the sky was getting dark and kind of sketchy looking but we were like eh we will be fine. Nope we weren’t. Started to pour... like we were so wet. Then it started to hail and we were able to hid under a little shelter of our investigators store and to our luck he was actually home and we were able to talk t o him so that was nice but it was a crazy storm, cars pulled off the road because it was so nuts. 

This transfer we have made a goal that every time we get on a bus we have to talk to someone so we have been doing that and it has been really awesome, some really good rejection but also some good success, I forced myself to talk to this lady on the bus and it turned out that she knew who we were and we had a good talk, she wasn’t interested and didn’t want to meet but it was cool to show my willingness to God that I want to find those that are prepared. 

Also this week we had a super funny thing happen. We were teaching an investigator and the Dad walked in with a water bottle and held it up to Elder Robinson and told him to smell it... but he didn’t know that word in the way that this guy used it and so he put his head back like he was going to water fall the drink into his mouth, but I was like no dude he wants you to smell it and so we laughed about it because it ended up being the Hungarian famous alcohol and it could have been bad! ha-ha super funny.  

I want to finish by saying that God is really guiding this work. We have been able to find so many people that are ready for the gospel. In the last 5 days we have been able to find 20 plus people that were willing to give us there number or let us come back and its just super awesome so I am really excited for what’s coming up this transfer. I hope you are all doing well. Times’ flying. Have a great week!!! 

Ure Elder

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