Tuesday, July 18, 2017


This week was great. I forgot my journal to remember what happened throughout the week but I Think I will be able to remember most stuff. This week was awesome.

At the beginning of the week, I went on splits with Elder Saito; he is from Brazil and so the whole time we just spoke Hungarian because I guess it is easier for him so I said, I was all right I’m down. So for a solid day I got to just speak Hungarian. It was awesome. We worked hard and ended up finding two new investigators. Both were during tracting and one of them told us to come back a couple hours later so we left and kept tracting. We got let in to this old guys house and that was really interesting, he said he had met with us before but was a little weird about it but we set up to meet again so it was cool. So we then went back to the other lady and they let us in and we got to teach two families because they both live in the same house. We haven’t met with the whole family yet but we are slowly getting them all to join the teachings. We have taught them twice now and the reason they knew us was because last transfer Elder Robinson got challenged to race them because they were out on the street playing soccer. It was really cool and now we have them as awesome investigators.

After splits we had a lot of good teaching with our investigators and later that week I was able to see Elder Howard again!! He came back to Hungary with his family and it was super good to see him. We were able to talk for a little bit and he brought us Reeses and real peanut butter. It was great. Super good to see him and get to talk to him a little.

The next day we woke up and got a ride from the senior couples to Debrecen, which is a really pretty city. We were going on splits there and also having interviews with president Szabadkai. So on the way there we got to just sit in the back and play cards. It was fun haha. We got there and our interviews were later so we started our split with the Elders and got to work and then came back to the interviews. When I went into my interview the senior couple gave me chocolate zucchini bread to give to president because his wife doesn’t let him eat sweets very often, they are on a diet ha-ha but I snuck it into him and pulled it out and he laughed and told me that I have to eat some of it too. So we sat there eating this bread just talking. It was great. He is such ha good mission President and I really love him a lot. 

After that, I was able to meet with one of the other Elders investigators but I will talk about this at the end. On the way home from splits on the train I was reading the last chapter in the Book of Mormon. So I can now I say I have read the whole Book of Mormon in Hungarian, which is pretty cool. But I looked up and the girl across from me was reading a book about Christ and it was in English and I was like “hey do you speak English?” and she was like yes, and so we got talking but right then they said the train was pulling into Miskolc in a little so we only had a little time to talk but I told her who we were and why we are here and ended up getting her number it was unreal. Super cool, and then we had to jump off the train because there would not have been another stop for days if we missed getting off at Miskolc. 

This week we had a million investigators in church, which was really cool, and I actually translated two of the meetings. It was cool but still super hard.  I like translating; it pushes me... it’s the worst when the Senior couple is teaching and they use these huge church words that I don’t even know in English but it was good.

Another cool thing that happened this week was when we watched ‘Finding faith in Christ’ with our investigators Janos and Monika. It was a really good teaching and I think it was perfect for them to be ready to be put on baptismal date so we will see!! Super cool stuff coming up! 

I want to finish with my testimony of Gods promises to us. God Promises me that if I prepare and do ALL that I can to do, to do his will, he will give me what I need when I need it. So this week when we taught the investigator that I mentioned, we really didn’t know what to teach this girl because she had read the Book of Mormon already but said she really hadn’t found her own testimony yet. So we planned to teach the restoration and to just talk about that with her. Well, we got in there and started teaching and the words just came to us in the perfect way. I felt like the spirit was really strong and it helped her to see that a testimony only comes after the trial of our faith. It was a really cool teaching. 

I love you all so much have a great week!! 

Ure Elder

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